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Come Rest Ministries exists to help people rest in and release Jesus' love. Matthew 11:28-30 says "Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Our goal is to help you live this verse!

"Resting in Jesus' love is for every moment. It's the most fruitful thing you can do. As you rest in His love, His presence rests on you and His kingdom advances wherever you go!" -Rev. Dick Speight

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Up Coming Events

-----------Sept. 27th -----------
845am  Speights teaching Come Up class at River of Life Room A
1030-1230 Speights preaching at CEPC
(Congolese refugees meeting in youth room of First Church of the Open Bible)
6pm  Men’s & Women’s Covenant Groups
7pm  I58 House Fellowship at Rehoboth.    

-----------Oct. 2nd -----------
Awakening of Love at River of Life      


-----------Oct. 3rd-4th -----------
Rehoboth Wellsprings 2 Day Gathering at CR Sanctuary in Cedar Rapids.


-----------Oct. 15th -----------

Come Rest Personal Retreat for Oakland Church of the Nazarene Staff.


-----------Oct. 16th -----------
Awakening of Love at Encounter Christian in CR.


-----------Oct. 21st -----------
Come Rest Personal Retreat at Rehoboth


-----------Nov. 5th-7th -----------
Rehoboth Wellsprings 3 Day Gathering at River of Life in Cedar Rapids.


-----------Nov. 18th -----------
Come Rest Personal Retreat at Rehoboth


-----------Nov. 20th -----------
Awakening of Love at Encounter Christian


-----------Dec 9th -----------
Come Rest Personal Retreat at Rehoboth


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Come Rest Blog

Dear friends of Come Rest,

  • Check out our new website! We are so delighted and thankful to the Lord and Pastor Christian Shields of Christian Life Church for creating it and overseeing it’s development these next few months. Please join us in prayer for a friend of Come Rest to be trained by Christian to oversee our website day to day.
  • Wow, what a weekend we will have in Cedar Rapids! Please pray!
  • I see this Friday Awakening of Love at River of Life will be a night of His overwhelming peace & power.
  • I see our weekend Gathering at The Sanctuary Church(see attached schedule—make copies and send as invites to friends!) will be a time when the Lord helps people slow down, stop, and let Him love, refresh, and instruct them for the journey ahead. The people of the Sanctuary Church are being prepared for powerful days ahead. They need to come rest and renew in Him. It is a privilege for Come Rest to come serve them. Local friends bring friends! The event is a “come and go” event open to the public. Refreshment in the wilderness!
  • I have memorized Psalm 63 this week and continue to meditate upon it with the Lord. I’m praying it out to Him as the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. Try it.


  • This week Psalm 63 Vs. 4 is really speaking loudest to me, “Thus I will live and bless You, I will lift up my hands in Your name.” We believers often neglect lifting our hands to the Lord when He is just waiting to lift us up! Some say it’s not their style. But, if you really read and believe the Bible you will discover it is an essential part of the Lord’s desired lifestyle for His people.


  • To “bless” means to go low to lift others. Christ became flesh to descend into death to raise us up. When you lift your hands in wholehearted praise you go low before Him & He lifts you higher in Him.


  • I have loved the Lord since I was a small child, yet I did not start loving Him by lifting my hands until I was 40 years old & a pastor for 18 years. I saw lifting hands as something only “holy rollers” did. I actually hadn’t been around that many people who lifted their hands. I was suspicious people did it as a shallow religious act to be seen by others. Once in a while that happens. But I had never really seen the biblical importance nor witnessed authentic examples in my own life. The Lord knew I was ignorant of several of His ways, inexperienced in practice, and immature in my insecurity. Isn’t He so patient and merciful with us? He had me just ready enough for deeper intimacy with Him through lifting my hands. He led me patiently and lovingly through the scriptures and into the company of authentic Christians who lifted their hands as their heartfelt gift to Him. They weren’t showing off for people, they were showing up to God how much they loved Him in a way He says He wants to be loved. Their hands were an authentic extension of their grateful heart--surrendered humility. The more they lifted their hands in prayer and praise, the more humble they were, the more the Holy Spirit helped them live like Jesus in their daily life. Their example only confirmed what I was reading in the Bible. I began to realize I was the one who was worried about other’s opinions of me. I was the one standing in self-righteous judgment. I repented & started caring more about giving the Lord the praise He deserved than worrying about what people thought of me. The Lord says the fleshly fear of man is a snare, but the reverential fear of Him is the beginning of wisdom. I remember the freedom, humility, and joy the first time cautiously, but wholeheartedly, lifted my hands to worship Him in the midst of the congregation. Many of the people with whom I served came to surrender more deeply to Him as well.


  • I have found that burdens fall off my shoulders when I lift up my hands to the Lord. The Holy Spirit quickly fits me with a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness! Over the years I’ve also come to cherish the peace and intimacy I find with Him when I’m all alone and lift my hands to him. Kim has come to see lifting hands as she’s the toddler lifting her hands to her Daddy God. I agree. What loving person can resist lifting up a toddler who lifts their hands to them? Certainly not the Lord.


  • In modern language lifting hands is like one the Lord’s “love languages.” In biblical terms lifting hands is one of His “ancient paths”(Jer. 6:16). Lifting hands is one of His many ways to come rest in His love. The Lord empowers His people to lift hands in the His name… to worship Him with others(Nehemiah 8:6); to intercede in gathered prayer for others(1 Kings 8:54); to speak blessing over others(Lev. 9:22 & ; to pray personally for mercy and supply(Psalm 28:2); to impart signs and wonders to liberate the oppressed (Ex. 9:33);to conduct Godly warfare(Exodus 17:11); to defeat division in the Body of Christ( 1 Timothy 2:8); to cry out at night for the lives of our children(Lam. 2:19); to meditate on scripture(Psalm 119:48); for the Risen Christ to bless His followers(Luke 24:50); as a lifestyle of blessing(Psalm 63:4).  


  • I don’t know if you have lifted your hands to the Lord a lot or a little in the past. Take this email as the Lord’s invitation or reminder to begin doing so, or resume doing so, in the future He has planned for you. When you lift your hands in His name it means you are wholeheartedly yielding to Him and walking in His ways. Lifting hands is one of His ways to come rest in His love. Lifting hands is indeed showing up to the Lord. Do you long for His presence? I’m discovering He longs for our presence even more than we long for Him.


  • And who knows, even though you are not doing it to be seen by others—He has others watching you and beginning to treasure His Word, just like I was 18 years ago. How many people will begin to follow closely behind Him because you are more closely following behind Him?


  • Most importantly, as you finish reading this, lift your hands to take His hands—come rest in His love.

I lift my hands to the Lord and speak life and life abundant in His name over you and your household!


Love and blessings,
Richard Speight


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Come Away Cottage

Come Away Cottage is a a sanctuary provided for full time ministers and church leaders. If you need a break, a getaway, or just someplace new to come rest in His love please feel free to use Come Away Cottage.

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